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Current Car Loan Interest Rates in Canada

Take a look at all of the current used vehicle interest rates in Canada. Pick the one you like and go through our quiz to find out if you pre-qualify for one of the lowest car loan rates in Canada

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How Do Lenders Decide On My Interest Rate?

  1. Monthly Income: Lenders use your income to gauge your ability to manage and make timely payments. A common guideline is that car payments shouldn’t exceed 18% of your total monthly income.
  2. Loan Duration: The length of your loan can influence your rate. Longer loan terms often come with higher interest rates due to the extended risk. Shorter loan terms may have lower interest rates but lead to higher
    monthly payments.
  3. Vehicle Details: The value of the car you’re financing affects the loan amount and associated risk. Lenders will ask for the vehicle’s VIN to determine the specific loan program. New vehicles typically qualify for lower interest rates & older vehicles typically will see a slight increase in interest rates.







National Bank of Canada


Santander Consumer


Santander Prime




Iceberg Auto Finance


Lendcare Capital


Prefera Finance


Scotia Dealer Advantage


Auto Capital Canada


iA Auto Finance

10.99% - 29.99%

Axis Auto Finance

9.99% - 34.99%

Eden Park

10.25% - 29.99%

TD Bank

9.99% - 31.99%


7.99% - 12.00%

General Bank Of Canada

8.99% - 10.99%


8.99% - 10.49%


9.99% - 31.99%

What Does All This Mean For Me?

Understanding these factors is the foundation of making informed choices. Being well-equipped with knowledge empowers you to secure the best rates tailored for you. At Skip The Dealers, we’re committed to providing all the insights you need, ensuring not only we aid you in securing the best interest rates available in the country but also helping you make a decision you’ll be confident in for years ahead.

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